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I'm really enjoying the visual style and the atmospheric soundtrack. It's also a cool idea to combine breakout mechanics with a hero's journey-type storyline (or any storyline for that matter)!\

My only quibble - at least at this stage of the game (after getting the first crystal) - is that there seems to be little interaction between the story and the mechanics. What does the ball and the blocks symbolize? What are the challenges the protagonist undertakes in the game world? What connects the four locations? If the game knows the answers, I wish it could communicate them more clearly... maybe they will come later in the game, though.

Hey there, thank you for playing!

So, i think i failed to explain better in the game (close to the end it does explain a little). it was the first game i made, so there are some flaws, hahahaha.
Anyway, each "world" is an elemental temple, earth, wind, water and fire. when you complete each you gain a stone that fill one of your shields socket (the ball XD). when you complete all four you gain access to the dark temple, where you can get the immortality potion ^^